The next chapter in retirement solutions

Every organization—and each of its employees—has a unique story. We think these stories should be a part of their retirement plan.

StoryLine, built with SPDR® ETFs, is designed to help companies and their employees write their own retirement stories, providing a range of investment strategies that can be tailored at both the plan and individual level.

Like every story, investing for retirement has a beginning, middle, and end. Stadion StoryLine supports plan sponsors and investors through every phase. 

To tailor at the plan level, we take a close look at what makes a company and its group of employees unique. If a plan sponsor chooses to share this information with us, we use these insights to select a portfolio and investment strategy aligned to their plan goals and participant characteristics.

We then invite each plan participant to go further by defining an individual investment path based on their personal situation.

Plan Participant Benefits

Plan participants can take advantage of the default option, or take a brief online questionnaire that assesses their attitude toward risk, which guides Stadion’s selection of an appropriate portfolio and investment path.

Participants who choose to customize have access to a personalized dashboard where they can view an estimated account balance at retirement and see how changing their contribution level and adding in outside savings and assets affects their overall retirement readiness.

StoryLine’s custom investment paths offer participants:

  • A solution that considers their unique situations, expectations, and goals
  • Easy-to-access tools to keep them engaged and aware of their retirement readiness
  • Access to professional investment management and advice
  • Comprehensive customer service, with direct access to retirement specialists

Plan Sponsors Benefits

StoryLine is designed to give plan sponsors new and better ways to meet their plan objectives and fiduciary responsibilities, and provide resources and tools to help keep their employees engaged and focused on improving their retirement outcomes.

Stadion StoryLine managed account solution offers plan sponsors:

  • An actively managed qualified default investment alternative built with cost-efficient exchange traded funds (ETFs) using SPDR ETFs from State Street Global Advisors
  • Fiduciary protection
  • Multiple levels of customization at no added cost to the plan
  • Investor services support for sponsors and participants

Our Investment Process

For over two decades, Stadion’s proprietary money management process has focused on minimizing risk and providing downside protection. We seek to accomplish this by using ETFs in a tactically managed asset allocation strategy.

Typical target-date solutions have a single, fixed path. But having one preset path doesn’t acknowledge the differences in individual situations or personal stories. StoryLine provides your plan with a range of glide paths that align to a variety of retirement goals and attitudes about investment risk.

The benefits of a “Flex-able” model

Allocated percentages shown are hypothetical and approximate, may change based on market conditions, and may vary based on the specifics of your employer’s plan. 

The "Flex" portion of each StoryLine portfolio adds another, important layer of flexibility along with muliple levels of customization at the plan sponsor and plan participant level. In a low-risk market environment, we can move the Flex portion into equities in an attempt to capture gains in the market. When risk levels are high, we can move the Flex portion to fixed income/cash/cash equivalents in an attempt to avoid losses as much as possible.

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